I'm Ahead of My Time

by Abolitionist

I covered the earth with pyramids that marked the positions of the stars, the first to put the pen to the paper carving letters forming words to tell who we are, had an idea to put wood and string together making notes that played on ears, forming rhythms soothing to the heart chasing away the fears, so soothing they caused spiritual tears, a situation once blurred now clear, taught wisdom using poetry what many couldn’t comprehend, had to set it aside for a millennium before man could understand, while others lived in confusion, void of truth, their reasoning vain, I discoursed on subjects like astronomy, arithmetic, and the composition of rain, my mind grew beyond the size of my brain, I soared above the plain with distain for those who remained contained in ignorance and shame, the former of all things nothing existed before me, the greatest people known to man brought forth through my seed, the things that I did people labeled miracle, taught man the land was not flat but rather spherical, I built the first ship and sailed the sea, I built the first chariots while others continued to use their feet, I grew the first crops that people couldn’t even dream they’d eat, the first with law and the only to judge in peace, I lay it down and others copy, I build it up and others rob me, I knew too much so they sought me, gave me no respect just tried to stop me, they didn’t know the pen is mightier than the sword, and brains greater than brawn, they tried to cut me off and whip away their crime, but they forgot that I’m ahead of my time.

I'm Ahead of My Time by Abolitionist

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