I Saw Lillie Mae

by Doug Holloway

Lillie Mae at five foot eight had always been an ebony goddess.
Her breast would heave when she would breath and she was never modest.
She had this thing for young men and my friends were just like me
At 14 we'd all strut our stuff for her at 23
Her husband left to go to war and asked me for a favor
"Please watch my wife my friend, for me, I trust you you're my neighbor.
I've seen the way men look at her I've seen your friends look too.
That really doesn't bother me what bothers me is you."

And off to war he went...........

Now living next door to Lillie Mae over the years, gave me a bit of an edge because I'd seen her when she went to the mail box in her robe. I'd seen her when she washed her car in her "Daisy Dukes." I'd seen her when she lounged on her back porch sipping her Budweiser. I'd seen her oiling her beautiful smooth, bronze colored skin. I don't know if she saw me, but this day, I saw her when she took off her top and squeezed some of the lotion between her breasts. I saw her when she rubbed those beautiful, perfect 38s slowly and sensually with her eyes closed and paid particular attention to her nipples. I saw her make them go from at ease to standing at full attention, so hard I thought they might pop. I saw her squeeze some lotion on her wash board stomach and put a little extra on her cute, slightly "outie" navel. I saw her run her hands down the fuzzy, golden, honey trail, glistening in the afternoon sunlight, that led from her navel to the wonderland beneath her swim thong bottom. I saw her glance around, just slightly as a courtesy and then I saw her slide her middle finger beneath the thong and thru some of the thick, curly hair that peeked from the side of it. I saw her legs as they slightly parted to allow her personal intrusion. I saw her nipples begin to dance again as she strummed them gently with her fingertips. I saw her tongue escape the prison of her warm, moist lips and slowly match the rythym beneath the thong. I saw her body arch like a bow as she drew her legs up to her and parted them. I saw the only thing touching the beach towel on the concrete of her back porch was that ass that my friends and I'd been fantasizing about for years. I saw that beautiful bundle was more than enough to support her small frame as she arched to the heavens in the throes of what had to be unbridled passion and the ultimate bliss. I saw her ever so slowly, and painfully for me, reverse the passionate rythyms of everything I'd just seen. Now it seemed her entire body was convered by an ethereal glow. She looked as calm as the purring of a kitten.

I had imagined Lillie Mae in all kinds of positions, doing all kinds of things, but this, this was more than I had the capacity to perceive. I wanted to shout! I wanted to scream! I wanted to tell my friends of the wonder I'd just witnessed. Oddly though, I didn't want to join her. I was afraid. She was the snake and I was the sparrow. She knew it! I'm sure my friend, neighbor and her husband knew it too. Had I been chosen?

Then, as I stood there looking through the hedges, privately watching the erotic activities of the neighbor whom I'd been entrusted to care for, I realized something had happened to me. I was sweating profusely and I nearly collapsed and the bushes in front of me were covered with the juice of a boy who so desperately wanted to be a man. About that time I realized Lillie Mae was looking straight at me, as she lay there in her recovery. Still nearly naked, she rolled to one side and whispered from her porch, through the hedges to me, "I saw you looking at me and thats what made me come out here and do in person what I've done in private many, many times. Damn I hate to see a nice young man like you waste yourself like that. Eugene did tell you to watch me for him didn't he? You did an excellent job of watching me, cause I've been watching you for years and that was just what I needed. Eugene did tell you to take care of me for him didn't he? Well I've got something to show you. You need to hurry and get over here so you can take care of me."

"Eugene said he'd call me when he got to the airport before his flight leaves. Come on over here. We've only got one phone, its in the bedroom and I can't hear it ring out here. I certainly don't want to miss that call." I certainly want him to know I'm okay, I'm in good hands, and you're going to take damn good care of me, just like he told you right?!

I ran through those hedges and climbed the fence into Lillie Mae's backyard. I trailed that beautiful ass into the house and tripped over my pants when she undid my belt buckle. When I fell on the floor in front of the bed, she fell on top of me and forced one of those beautiful nipples, still at attention, into my mouth and said "The left one is my favorite." Then with expert precision Lillie Mae rolled that thong covered thatch over my swollen friend, leaned over and whispered in my ear, "slow baby, slow, I've been waiting on this a long time." I surrendered to her will and her gasp of pleasure nearly drowned out the repeated ringing of the phone. I was startled and scared, it had to be Eugene from the airport! He was my friend and neighbor, but her insistent, personal, grasp, through the thong, made me think, what she softly said, "UNNN UHHHH, I got this, let it ring....14....CHERRY.... BAYBEE, I'LL CALL HIM LATER, but right now...............

Everyday for nearly 18 months was just like that one, and more. I didn't see much of my friends after that come to think of it. We moved across town when I was nearly 16 and I didn't see much of Eugene after that either. I still see Lillie Mae, everyday and every night in every girl I've met since then. :wink:

I Saw Lillie Mae by Doug Holloway

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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