Is Justice Truly Blind

by Doug Holloway

Some time ago while entering one of the court houses in downtown Memphis, I took a moment to notice the statuary. I was quite impressed with "Justice" in particular, especially since it pertained to me at that moment. The scales seemed to be evenly balanced and all that good stuff which made me feel pretty good. This same statue came to mind recently when I had to appear in traffic court.

My son and I received tickets on different days for a registration violation. I went to court with proof of registration and all charges were dismissed, justice served. I gave my son, who is 19, this same proof when his day came and his charges were dismissed also, but with $61.00 in court costs. Question: Why was the judgement different for the same charge, on the same vehicle? I was told it was up to the judge of the division and this judge decided to assess court costs.

On my way out of the court house I walked across the street and looked at the statuary again and yes "JUSTICE" was "still" blindfolded and yes "JUSTICE" was "still" holding a balanced scale. Perhaps she peeked out from the blindfold, or was on break when my son went to court.

Is Justice Truly Blind by Doug Holloway

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