What Is A Friend?

by Doug Holloway

In essence a true friend is that one you can’t lie to because he knows you.  
When you’re having an issue he is the one you can turn to 
who is not going to say you did right or you did wrong.  
The one who helps when you need help without you asking for it.  
The one you can call on anytime day or night.  
The one who listens while you talk. 
The one who listens and “HEARS” you when you talk about you.  
The one you trust with your life and the life of your family.  
The one you can tell when you’re afraid.   
The one you  don’t see everyday.  
The one whose loyalty doesn’t have to be proven. 
The one you never owe.  
The one who tells you the ugly truth because you need to hear it 
and not the beautiful lie because you want to hear it.
The gospel hymn “What a Friend we Have in Jesus” is sort of like that, AMEN

What Is A Friend? by Doug Holloway

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