Turn of Events

by Doug Holloway & PoetressForever

I don't know how I got here-
To this spot
Stuck somewhere between what once was
And what is not
How do I move forward?
What direction do I turn?
Surly my indecision warrants some concern

As for me I'm just one actor
Among many in life's play
The script it seems is not my choice
The words just mine to say
The stage was there before me
I just await life's cue
Curtains go up, house lights go down its time to start ACT II

Moving across the stage as prop
Gathering no momentum
Though time slowly ticks and tocks-
On its own continuum
It gives me no reprieve
Leaving me hoping for a pause
Or at least the prospect of an opt out clause

Oh woe is me is this to be
the role I'm born to play
a peasant, lowly peon once
a prince, a king today
but average man or royalty
no choice is ever mine
The author of my fate I'm not, that choice belongs to time

Despite all, I'm not calling it quits
I strut on that stage
Putting my best face forward every time
As I perform the scripted page
Gladly taking on the challenge
Whether I'm fully prepared or not
Because this one man play, is all I've really got

The words while only mine to say
The life just mine to live
Despite disruptions come my way
My best I'll always give
The twist and turns this daily grind
are not mine to control
The master writes the script of life 
The master rules my soul

Turn of Events by Doug Holloway & PoetressForever

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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