We've Come A Long Way...Maybe


While touring my household this morning I noticed that my three kids were on the phone at the same time talking to different people. The opulence of today. It seems they each have their own cell phone, their own cd/dvd collection, with their own stereo/tv w/remote systems, their own cereal, their own churches, they use their own house keys to come and go as they choose. They have their own bed in their own room, they each want their own car and eventually "Thank God," their own house. I tried to have a biblical moment with them and one responded "What did we do?"....hmmmmm?

Growing up with 3 sisters, 1 brother + 2 parents in a 2 br house, we had one black rotary telephone, with a whitehall exchange and a partyline, we had one radio/record player combo w/16,33,45 rpm settings, we had one tv, blk/wht, in the living room. We got color tv when mama bought the plastic sheet that fit over the screen, we had cereal on the weekends and first up Saturday morning got the prize, we walked to the same church. When the street lights came on at 6pm it was time to come in the house and the house key was a cherished possession. My brother and I shared a bed in "our" bedroom, so I couldn't wait to get my own "bed", no less my own bedroom.

As parents today we buy houses so each kid can have his own room and then stress out over the house note. We buy cars for our kids and stress over the car note and lest I forget, the stress of the cell phone bill.

"We've come a Long Way to get Where we Got to Today"..Maybe.

We've Come A Long Way...Maybe" by Doug HOLLOWAY

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