A Love Poem

by Machell Hegler

Not realizing the consequences of the action
Only thinking of one thing- satisfaction
As I get on the ride
My Conscious hides
And you hold my sides
With every moan and groan, I'm sinking
And thinking...
Damn I must be weak..And
Thoughts overflow
The less they know, the
closer you and I grow
And I'm feeling this
We're stealing this
Never once thinking about killing this
And who knows
What this thing might grow to
yea, me and you
Close to
Insanity, puts away, thoughts of vanity
As we both scream profanities
Out of love, lust
Can't differentiate, but its a must
Cause then I climax
Slipping up, I ask
You moan something that sounds like, you know I do
This love is true, or the sky ain't blue
I lay back in my relax mode
Cause I've been told
True love can sometimes be cold
And all these fantasies
Of you and me becomes reality
And feels me, completely
And I swear that its our destiny
Only wishing for a real love
I just wanna feel love
So what's the deal love?
Relishing in this forbidden love
This hidden love
And I am so smitten love
That's why I keep it written love,
Jotted down love lines like
bringing up love jones
Sweet moans, mellow tones
known to go on and on
And I am waiting on the attack
of this kitty kat
So we can do this and that
So freely
Believe me
Roll over and message my neck
And gently lay me on my back
Inhaling, Exhaling
Ooh Damn! You hitting the nail... And
Maybe I should move around or
Maybe I should lie still
I'm thinking nasty thoughts, and
Hey if it's your will
Let's keep  it real
I think we got this Bonnie and Clyde thing going on
Listen close, they're playing our song
And we dance and sex
kiss and relax
As the last note plays
making memories that will last for days

A Love Poem by Machell Hegler

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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