Move On...That's What They Would've Wanted

by Gutta Joe Brown

Jim Crow is dead.
I wasn't alive for the time 
of the civil rights movement.
Still I got to keep grooving,
and move on.
Finally we have our doctors,
but we don't show any love,
we only give them patients
we've slain from our guns, 
or patients we've enslaved from our drugs.
But the white don't care about us?
Finally we have our lawyers,
only to argue cases
of miscelaneous faces
that disgrace us,
but the white won't stand for us?
Finally we have our teachers,
but we play the fool
cause it aint cool 
to stay in school, 
or get the kind of knowledge 
that leads to college
we put faith still at running or shooting
the ball, can't read or write at all.
but we clown the nerds and geeks, 
we'll be working for one day.
Quit blaming the white for our shortcommings 
of today.
We are shooting ourselves in the foot.
Move on and try to achieve bigger and better
the right way.
Thats what our ancestors would have wanted
in my opinion.


Move On... That's What They Would've Wanted by Gutta Joe Brown

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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