The Gospel

by Gutta Joe Brown

My God is Lord 
yours is Allah 
some praise Jehova Gira
few handle snakes
and walk fire.
Others gather strength
from the moon, stars, and trees.
I don't know whats better
a life long journey to Mecca
or pray to the east.
Fight for Isrealites
or choose Jews
wars erupt on the holy land
cause of who it belongs to.
Martyrs destroy 
sons and daughters
with selfullied prophecies
as suicide bombers.
Atheist believe 
in no supreme being.
So why bother to got to the altar
with a mention
of suspicion
about the mission
of the bishop.
A sheperd 
that wants to lead and preach
but leader of the flock
can't keep his hands 
off the most innocent sheep.
There is a disease
in the diocese,
hiporacy in the democracy.
Where's the worth 
in the Church?
When pretenders
opps... preachers 
are in a club on Saturday
in Sundays favorite shirt
chasing skirt?
Gladly burning 
10% of my earnings
on a "Thug Passion"
For the most humble deserves 
a mansion, 
gator boots, super fly hats,
and a cadillac to match.
"Religion is big business"
Can I get a witness?

The Gospel by Gutta Joe Brown

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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