September 11 Remembered

by Barbara Evelyn

The Twin Towers were identifiable monuments

Standing strong and tall

As landmarks across New York City skyline

Recognized around the world

Until one fateful day in 2001

When terrorists armed in planes

Used bombs to topple them

Causing havoc

Horrible loss of thousands of lives

And  unmeasureable pain.

The whole world was cloaked in terrible shock

As images hit the airwaves

Of crumbling concrete, shattered glass.

Billowing clouds of smoke

And desperate people fleeing flames

Some trapped on collapsing floors.

They spewed from buildings 1 and 2

Confused, uncomprehending in total disarray.

Children hovered around adults

In schools and at home

Wives, mothers, husbands, brothers

Sisters, friends, cousins and neighbors

Never to return to the safety of home.

Leaving gaping holes and empty spaces

In the lives of those left behind.

No one believed that terrorism

Would reach these once impregnable shores

But incensed fanatics

With wanton disregard for life

Planned, plotted and executed

Their cowardly, deadly deed.

We were all shell shocked and held spellbound

A captive audience to this travesty-

This senseless loss of American security.

But in the aftermath

We were propelled to action swift

As firemen, police, guards, emergency personnel,

Friends and coworkers too

Set about performing daring rescues.

Covered in dust, grime and soot.

With torn clothes, bloodied hands and faces

They managed to haul survivors from out of the wreckage.

For days the rescuers toiled,

Sifting and sorting,

Salvaging what they could.

Hoarse voiced and teary eyed politicians

Vowed that never again

This Nation would be caught unprepared

For such a rape of its landscape.

As the tenth anniversary looms near

We stiffen our backs and stand tall

As new monuments rise like phoenixes

From the rubble at Ground Zero.

Homage will be paid to all those who lost their lives

Family members and friends left behind

Will remember what transpired a decade ago

That caused such terrible pain

And their loved ones whom they will never see again

September 11 Remembered by Barbara Evelyn

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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