A Spare Tire Girl

by Victor Darius Graydon

Words to my daughter Victoria grow in life and understand.
You are special a very rare beautiful Pearl, 
Don't ever submit yourself to become a spare tire girl. 
She is a Hagar a woman that men use, 
When he slip away from his Queen this is the type Woman He choose.
See she has no desire to be a Queen; 
She has no desire to go no where, 
She has no direction in fact in life she is just there.
Men love this kind of woman; 
She is the perfect crime, 
See men don't want to abuse their Queen 
The one they will love till the end of time. 
They want Hagar; she wants money or some symbol of reward for her time. 
Try to be like Sarah in life a Virtuous woman she was Abraham's wife. 
I am your Father and the first man in your life 
Here to guide you so you will not have to see such better strife. 
Hear my cry dear Lord because I may not always there, 
Guide my daughter and show her my heart so she will no how much I care, 
You are a Queen and never let noone lead you astray, 
Here worshiping the lord is where Daddy want you to stay, 
Love the lord with all your heart, pray 
And never let your soul depart. 
Wait be patient God will send a king to choose you. 
Someone special to hold and who will always love only you.

                          I Love You,

A Spare Tire Girl by Victor Darius Graydon

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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