Ringside Seat

by Victor Darius Graydon

Loving a woman and making her feel complete,
Sit right here my brother in this ringside seat.
Slapping, beating and throwing her against the wall, 
Verbally abusing her making your queen feel small. 
Now sheís gone the woman of your life
The one you called your baby, sugar, your wife.
Remember how her beauty was there for you to adore, 
Know you sit back hurting as she enters another manís door. 
Nervous dying on the inside, 
Knowing he is making his mark exploring where you use to reside. 
Can you feel it? Does it hurt what you are going through,
Knowing that her soft moans of pleasure
Will never again be heard bye you. 
Yep she once was yours, yep you have lost, 
Now you wish you would have bought those roses a thousand times to avoid this cost. 
I can tell you right now that the next woman will not fit in the picture, 
Yep I can tell you right now itís a shame 
But another woman will never fit the empty frame, 
when the woman you truly love is moaning another manís name. 
You canít love another, deep inside you are blue, 
stop take sometime to get some help something is wrong with you, 
I would rather go through life all alone 
Than to use my baby, my sugar, my wife, to hit on. 
Kneel right here my brother by this ring side seat 
and explain yourself for treating Godís creation our weaker vessel as a piece of meat.

Ringside Seat by Victor Darius Graydon

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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