Valentine Blues

by Goldie

Chocolate Brown,
With A Beautiful Frown,
Sass In Her Ass,
She's Slow But Fast,
Beautiful Eyes,
Exquisite Thighs,
In How Many Licks Should I Confide?,
To Get The Sweet Surprise,
She Holds Inside,
A Beautiful Treasure,
That Worth Has No Measure,
Making Me Whole,
Coolness Out Of Control,
The Intellect,
Commanding Respect,
Brown Sugary Lips,
With Wave-Like Hips,
Her Body Flows,
The Mind Soothes,
Stella Lost It,
But I've found It,
In the Groove.........Of Her Back,
Hunted By Her Essence,
It's Begun To Attack,
I'm Not Ready,
My Pressure Is Up,
Can You Be Stuck?,
With No Desire To Leave,
Her Kiss Has Me Flat-Lined,
Unable To Breathe,
The Lights In My Eyes,
Not White But Brown,
She's Taken Me Over,
Sweetness Without Sound,
An Extension Of Her,
Our Spirit Is One,
Herr Heart Is My Sky,
Her Love Is My Sun,
A Prophet From Heaven,
No One Can Resist,
In This Fantasy World,
Eternal Abyss,
Forsaken By Her,
Unable To Flee,
A Volunteered Slave,
Emancipation Won't Be
Locked Away Forever,
I've Extinguished The Key,
Burned By Desire,
Flamed By The Cool Breeze,
Of Her Nubian Fire,
Must She Take Me Higher?,
My Emotions Won't Hold,
When Our Souls Intertwined,
I Was About To Explode,
All Caused By Today,
14 F-E-B..
The Ohio Players Told Me,
But I Just Didn't See,
Should I Repent?,
Did I Lose or Did I Win?,
Just Pray For A Brother,
And Give The Church An Amen.

Valentine Blues by Goldie

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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