by Goldie

Walking down the middle of a one way street,
Being black and a woman it's hard to compete,
Life in your world can be so complex,
Constantly degraded for your color and sex,
But for some strange reason you do not fall,
On a strong black man you do not call,
As all the weight is taken upon your chest,
You won't let it stop you from being your best,
But not all women see these brighter days,
The stress in your life can lead both ways,
As some become paralyzed depending on a check,
And constantly losing their self respect,
But then once again I am surprised,
As you all come together in greatness and pride,
And you love one another as you enjoy life,
As you fight together against the struggle and stirfe,
It's women like this in my life that inspire,
From the one who gave me birth to the poet named Maya,
To destroy anything that obstructs my way,
Of what I deserve or have to say,
So when you glance in the mirror look with great pride,
And show everyone the beauty you hold inside,
For you are a queen,
A jewel of the Nile,
And no one can challenge your grace or your style,
And I am very proud to be acquainted by color,
For you are my sister and I'm forever you brother,
And whenever my spirit starts to decline,
I'll raise you up and watch you shine,
As the inspiration you give is never too much,
For you are a diamond and can't be touched.

Untouchable by Goldie

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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