She Is Too Fine To Be With Him!!

by Goldie

As you walk in and out of my life,
My emotions come to a stand still,
For I yearn to tell you my innermost feelings,
How  I daydream of my life with you,
Constantly caressing the silky smooth curves of your spirit,
As you accept my manhood as your own,
Giving me total control of your deeply rooted passions,
As my love feeds on the yearning of your body like a cancer,
And you become exposed forever to something that has no cure,
As the feelings you have for another,
Fall aimlessly to the waistside of your existence,
Being shadowed in comparison,
To the inner abyss of true love I exposed to you,
As you dedicate your heart and soul forever,
To the same virtues I promised to my heart,
And we come together as one spirit,
Immersed in a love that reaches boundaries you have never experienced,
As I dedicate the rest of my existence,
To love you forever,
But then I'm shockingly awakened,
As you walk out of my life once again,
Into the arms of another love,
To whom I would give all I have in life,
For one day as the token of your affection,
As my emotions return to moderate levels,
And I realize despite my endless wishes,
Your love will forever belong to another,
And even if I can't have you reality,
Everytime I close my eyes and visit my soul,
You'll be there with me,
Until the end.

She Is Too Fine To Be With Him!! by Goldie

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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