by Goldie

There are some brothers who think about it,
And admit that it's appealing,
Yet they'll never let you know what's up,
For it's not worth revealing,
A woman with money to spend for days,
Who'll take you on the town,
But bring you grief instead of praise,
Because her skin ain't brown,
(or red,black,beige or whatever)
A woman who'll let you do anything,
As long as you're home in the end,
And won't even threaten to kill your ass,
When she finds you in bed with her friend,
But now my brothers think about it,
What kind of joy is that?, (yeah I asked)
Running over a women so timid and scared,
To open her mouth and attack,
Now a sista,
Man hold up and give me a few............,
Ummm mmmmm...,
Sometiimes I don't know what to do,
Everytime I see one on the street,
I shake my head without a clue,
Hell you can't even go up to washington,
And ask the smartest brother in town,
Cause If he claims to understand black women,
His ass will never be found,
But I do know one thing for sure, 
I can tell you about a sista,
Any brother around will let you know,
That she’s a sho nuff twister,
With that chocolate sexy frame...good lawd!!,
You know you can't dismiss her,
Make you bend over backwards just to impress,
And still might not get with ya,
Now imagine a sista with all that money,
Taking you out on the town?,
Shiiit........man don't even waste your time,
Just turn your ass around,
And let you do anything you want,
It ain't even worth the try,
Come home and find your shit on the steps,
With a note that says goodbye,
And I don't even wanna know what happens,
If she finds you in bed with her friend,
Just hope your people can find your will,
Cause that might be the end,
Now a man who came from somewhere else,
Can look at these two and compel,
Come all the way down to where I'm at,
To tell me I'm crazy as hell,
A woman who is so demanding,
That holds you on a string,
Over a women who'll spend everything she got,
And not ask for anything,
But the brothers already know what's up,
That's why we are so sure,
For the bumps we feel together with you,
Ain't shit for us to endure,
We realize that we have been blessed,
To share our lives with Queens,
As they open our eyes to treasure beauties,
Some men have never seen,
So bro I know it can be tempting,
Or just to good to be true,
But to give up a Queen for a Cadbury bunny,
Is something I just can't do.
Ya heard me!!!

Excuse the dialect but I'm from alabama. Gotta be me!!!

Temptation by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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