Step Off

by Goldie

To be black is a truly wonderful blessing,
A point that is forever true,
But it doesn't give you the right to judge brothers and sisters,
For you know not what they've been through,
See I hate when certain people want to challenge me,
A man raised at the point of attack,
And have the nerve to question my point of view,
Of just what it is to be black,
I've been beaten up, shot, stabbed and locked up,
In reality I should've been killed,
And you have to gall to look into my eyes,
And scream out "KEEP IT REAL?!?"
I may not have gone to some terrific college,
Where they teach you how to be black,
I have a PHD from the School of Hard Knocks,
And that's a muthafuckin fact,
I've done it all,
And I've been piss poor as dirt,
My blackness didn't solve the problems I had,
My blackness didn't solve my hurt,
What it did was raise me from the streets,
Forcing down a change in my life,
Making a survivor of my spirit,
Not a victim of struggle and strife,
So I don't care how many degrees you have,
Talk to all of us with respect,
And never come my way with your nose in the air,
Cause I will put your ass in check,
For as much as our knowledge could enlighten each other,
Your mental is truly soft,
Leaving me no choice,
But to raise my voice and tell you,

Step Off by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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