Shout Out 4 PAC

by RIP

A soulja but I thought I told ya about this street general talking through us subliminally through his music but stop and think before you confuse it or him elevating our ghetto's mental capacity above the rim with knowledge in laymen's terms that provided support to the weakest sperm cells who developed to dwell on their shortcomings instead of running to the music stand with currency in hand to feel the core of his rugged words that knocked millions to the floor once understanding was achieved knowing survival is the bottom line and while women, wine, and money are nice the price is too large when many starve in the same places where we dwelled as his words did tell in the growth from the child of Afeni Shakur to the voice of his generation chasing the road and exhibiting not what he was told but what he felt surviving to loosen the belt that tightens our ambitions by any means falling to the hex given to our black leaders showing the many listeners and readers who was the Malcolm X of our generation though many times he fell to the defamation of his own in a trait sewn to his predecessors so it will never end as Tupac Shakur endured more than the average man through poverty and five shots he could still stand while mentally taking our generations hand down the path he was forsaken and led so I say to you now what my spirit said and that is rest in peace to a man who almost died for what he did instead was killed for what he said in a situation that is truly scary as I end the timely daze with the only righteous becoming phrase……………………HAIL MARY!

Shout Out 4 PAC by RIP

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