Seductive Sista

by RiP

My sister..

Tell me

Tell me why you did it
why did you look into my eyes?
carve me apart
walking away with the only way you could hurt me
you stole my heart

made me believe you were cool
i even played the fool
a few times
just trying to understand
how a dime like yourself
could be into me
but piece by piece
you took me apart
stole my reason for loving
you took my heart

was i some type of challenge?
did you imagine me playing your game?
pushing you to limits
only the creator could explain

what was it about the sky?
that made you look into my eyes that day and say
im going to break him down
and torment his spirit
without uttering a sound

you took my love away from the soul
cast it into an unforsaken hole
buried beneath heartbroken dirt
as passing strangers can feel my pain
they mourn my loss
acknowledge my hurt

you took a man 
with a life, dreams and ambitions
and turned him into a bum
a frightening transition

had me thinking i could turn my life around
when i thought your true love i had found
but you were only playing with my life
building me up to tear me down...

so i will not beckon you
come by or even call
try catching on the way to work
or corner you at work in one of the halls

im going to walk away
nothing to do
nothing to say
simplistic as 
my mind goes back to my days as a boy
when my heart was pure
before you stole it 
and made your toy...

Thank you sister...for nothing.

Seductive Sista by RiP

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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