Running Away From Me

by RiP


is something that is destined
for individuals

but do not be misled
by what i just whispered in your ear

not everyone is exposed
to what the real essence of love is

sure you may have a certain food you love
you may love performing a certain act
events that can place you in a mood
where love can misinterpreted

but i’m speaking about love
undying and inspiring
in the eyes of a soul
that mirrors your own
a spirit who recognizes
when your soul varies in time

embracing a firm grip
on when your life changes paths
withstanding the wrath of you
still moving forward
toward your emotions

when you wonder why you’re smiling
in a room alone
with thoughts of that one
love is the essence you are feeling

in reality
it should be criminal
not to be exposed
at least initially
to the pleasures of what love is…

everyone should experience daydreams
of that special one
smile when they know they’re close
loving someone is the purest sense
for themselves

love has escaped many people
whose lives could have been changed
with someone to hold their hand
man needs woman
woman desires man

for standing alone without love
is to stand alone without life
love is the freeing cleansing
that can complete your soul…

for the man you see today
is only half the man
i was born to be
because love…
is running away from me
and the way things are going
it always will…

Running Away From Me by RiP

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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