The Infinite Riddle

by RIP

An enigma in this world,
I lay tied to the tracks of my era,
Bearing the hate of the ignorant who don't understand me on one side,
Facing the fear of the intellegent who know my potential on the other,
As i sink in the stereotypical quicksand that surronds my essence,
Feeling the burning from the unhealed scars of my battles with equality,
Fighting others as unique as myself for the scraps of respect thrown our way,
Hanging by a thread on the borderline of becoming endangered,
Overcome with the symptoms of social whiplash from the infinite watching of 
My back,
I am the ace card,
The unknown,
The one they love to hate,
The one they try all they can do,
But cannot similate,
The original,
I am the beginning,
My thoughts are your history,
My love made your body,
Who am I?
Are you feeling me yet?,
Step into my world and place your bet,
My hints my leave you without a clue,
But to figure this out you must be true,
To yourself and to others,
Then you will truly see,
Just who I am and what it is to be me..

Who am I?

The Infinite Riddle by RIP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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