Excerpt from the upcoming novel "Reunion"

by RIP

"So Director Mason what you're saying is that two of the most prominent black politicians have been executed for a reason you are not aware of yet", one reporter said. "Well we have some private leads that we think will lead us in the right direction so we are on track to find out what's going on", Greg said. "And what are those leads Director Mason?". Said the same reporter.

"Now if I told you that they wouldn't be private leads anymore would they", as everybody laughed.

"The public has a right to know Director Mason!!", said the aggressive reporter. "And you are not any better than the rest of the reporters in this room madam", he said loudly.

The room got quiet because the felt that he was getting angry and Greg was known for keeping the public a secret from everything until it was done and none of them wanted that. This was the biggest story in months and it had to be covered thoroughly.

"Hey keep your mouth closed and let him talk", one reporter said. "I refuse to settle for this bullshit report he is giving us", again said the aggressive reporter.

Greg was fuming and Derrick knew he had enough for today." Okay people that's it for today" as he took over the podium from Greg. The crowd moaned in displeasure and everybody took it out on the young reporter who had pissed Greg off. They knew this was more than he had ever given them and they were starving for more.

But all plans for that were ended by the reporter in the rear." I hate you young little bitches", said one of the older female reporters. "You think you can just talk to people any kind of way and just get what you want", she said. "You got a lotta growing up to do sweetheart and you better know next time or its gonna be me and you in the parking lot", she said as everybody grumbled at the girl leaving the news room.

She just sat down and almost started to cry. It was her first day on the job and the only reason she was covering a story this big was the other reporter ahead of her was on vacation. But it meant more to her than the other reporters. These weren't just politicians they were black politicians. Leaders of the community she has dedicated her life to uplift and shed light on. So she didn't care who she pissed off because it hurt her more to think about the blacks that will suffer because of the lack of prominent leaders than those reporters who were leaving. "Are you doing okay?" she heard with her head down.

As she raised her head to see Derrick she could not help the way her mouth dropped to see him up close this way. To say Derrick was handsome was an understatement to anybody who believed it. This brother was all that and a bag of chips she thought to herself.

"Don't let those guys rattle you", he said. "it's good to see a young sista in here with the big boys taking her shots so you keep your head up okay" Derrick said as he walked away.

"Excuse me!!" she said. " I didn't catch your name." as she smiled at him.

"It's Derrick, Derrick Parks", he said. "Well my name is Lauren Mayfield and I work for Channel 27 news", she said as she tried her best too hide her attraction for him.

"Well it was nice meeting you Ms. Mayfield but I must be going now", as he tried to walk away again.

"You can call me Lauren", she said as he went down the hall.

After her hormones came down Lauren was overcome with a bit of pride. Even though she did not get the big story she wanted out of them, she was not expecting what she saw when she entered the room earlier. Strong intelligent black men held two of the highest profile law enforcement positions in her state. It made her wonder if they felt the same way she did about the black leaders getting executed like that. She couldn't she how they could not be concerned about it. She decided that she would stay as close as she could to those two and try to put these pieces together before her community suffers anymore losses.

"Lauren you okay?", her cameraman said. "I see that look in your eye and your plotting on something", he said as they left the room.

"Those two are the key to finding out what's going on and I have to find a way to get in with them" she said.

"Good luck honey cause that is the FBI and their own agents don't get close to them so how are you gonna do it?" he asked.

"I'll find a way believe me", she said as she stared down the hall again, "I'll find a way".

Greg slammed his door as hard as he could and tried to calm himself down before he took it out on somebody else. He wasn't mad at the reporter but at himself and his staff. He felt she knew he didn't have squat to tell them. It pissed him off that such popular and vocal black leaders were being murdered and he had no idea what was going on. People looked at him as a black leader holding such a high enforcement position and they expected results.

"Mr. Mason are you okay?", Sheryl said as she walked in.

"Yes I'm fine Sheryl what is it?", he said angrily to her.

"Well you have a lot of messages from all over", she said.

He was expecting this but not now he thought to himself. "Okay count em off to me Sheryl", he said in a more calmly voice.

"Well Jessie Jackson called from the Rainbow Coalition and he will be in first thing in the morning. Kwesi Mfume from the NAACP called and he wants to talk to you ASAP. You also got a call from FBI Director Jefferson's office and he wants you to call him when you get a chance. The others are just congressman, a few senators and your wife called to remind you not too forget your son's birthday party tonight at the house", she said.

"That was about it sir", she said as she left but Greg didn't hear a word she said after Sheryl said Jefferson called. He was the man who trained Greg to the FBI man he was today. All of the success he had in getting this job was because of this man. He knew that Jefferson knew he was in over his head for the first time but he wouldn't let him know it.

He had to prove to everyone that he deserved to be in the position he was. The good old southern politicians had been trying to get him out since he got the job. A black man in the south telling us what to do, never he thought as he smiled to himself. He knew he had to crack this case wide open and do it fast before someone else gets hurt.

Just then Derrick walks in to his office. "Are you ready man?" he said looking at him strange.

"Ready for what we've got work to do here" Greg said.

"I know we do but your only son's birthday is today remember", and you promised him you would be there no matter what", Derrick said.

"Oh shit man I forgot all about it" he said as he jumped up and put on his jacket on.

"Good thing we sent Sheryl to buy the gifts two weeks ago and put them in the car", Derrick said laughing.

"Yeah we are two lazy ass men when it comes to shopping I tell you that", as he laughed too. "Hey Sheryl what did I get little Greg this year so I don't look stupid", he said.

"You got him a Nintendo 64 console with three games he loves", Sheryl said as they left out of the door.

"Boy I don't know what I'd do without her man" Greg said as they rode the elevator down stairs.

"I know what I would do to her ass if she would give me the chance", said Derrick.

"It's all about game baby and you ain't got none", Greg said as he laughed getting off the elevator.

"We'll see man she'll come around sooner or later", said Derrick as they walked outside.

"I'll see you at the house man", Greg said.

"Alright man, in a minute", Derrick said as they went their separate ways.

As Greg cranked up his car he couldn't help but keep thinking about what he was going to do about this case. He knew Tracy would bring it up when he got home but what would he say. He had to do whatever it takes to get the job done. That what he was paid to do. But he felt something was different about this case from the others. It made him feel like he was in store for something he didn't want to see. And for the first time on the job he loved, he was afraid. But there was no turning back now and when tomorrow came he would not stop until it was finished. His mind was made up and as he drove off he knew he was in for something big.

Excerpt from the upcoming novel "Reunion" by RIP

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