by RIP

Nobody knows that,
My rhythmic flows,
Energizes and goes and goes,
Opening up your mind,
With the taste of an ammonia around your nose,
Staying with you for days,
As you find your way throughout this maze,
Known as my thoughts,
Holding back the negative ones that fought,
To be the dominant figure and rule,
This everlasting oasis that holds that jewel,
Known as your brain,
Before I came along and hipped you to this game,
You had no choice too play,
But can determine in what way,
The manner that essence of yours is chosen to portray,
In the night,
In the day,
Which way is up?
For looking at the sky may make you unwind,
Leaving you color blind,
As the blue sky and white clouds,
Mesh into the yellow sun,
Forming one intoxicating illusion,
That leaves your psyche in a chaotic confusion,
For youíre not winning or losing,
Not watching or stopping,
Just lying stuck, 
In this systematic concrete,
From you head to your feet,
Screaming ďWHAT THE FUCK?Ē
Waiting for the words to be free that Iím dropping,
Like shit from many birds,
As you thoroughly embrace this funk spewing from my words,
You dig what Iím saying?
Stop laying in that cuddle,
And get off your ass and find that shovel to uproot your fate,
As youíll slowly stop swaying,
And fall to your knees,
As that cool breeze surrounds you with the dew of morning trees,
And once youíve found your divine sign,
That menace called time,
Will never unwind or be able to part,
Just as it canít keep me from the words that crept
And now live life in the depths of my heart,
For we all must be reminded what is ours,
So we wonít drown in the showers of self-doubt,
Wondering what we can and canít do without,
Trying hard not to conceal,
And the only words I have left to say is
ManÖThatís real.

Resurrection by RIP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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