The Playa Hater

by Goldie

As my name is announced,
Your eyes show dislike,
Before my Nubian bass,
Ever graces the mic,

And as I step on the stage,
Your heart fills with rage,
Resembling some child,
Years before your age,

Throwing salt in my game,
As you steady complain,
To why you and myself,
Are not looked at the same,
It really and truly is such a shame,

A shame than I am here giving you and everyone else,
Representation of my blackness,
Yet all you care to do is promote,
The emergence of my wackness,

Something that only you seem to see,
As your opinion is gone up the creek,
For my intelligence level has just begun,
While yours has hit its peak.

I speak the words that people feel,
Yet you steady challenge me to keep it real,
To compare one of my kind would be totally unfair,
To the ones you see on BET with Joe Clair,

My job is not to be bought or seen,
Or make you dance all night long,
But to motivate your mind and soul,
And keep you mentally strong.

So what the hell is your problem brother? 
Why do you love to hate?
Could it be the woman you're stressing so hard,
Is waiting to get on my plate.

Or is it the way I cause people to panic when I speak,
So ripe with anticipation,
That's makes you feel so out of place,
In a whole different situation.

Or is it that I'm only 21,
As I've faced so much struggle and strife,
And I have seen the good and bad in this world,
While you've just been floating through life.

So just hurry up and let me know,
What this entire thing is about?,
Before you go too far and piss me off,
And I have to take you out.

See the game is to be told and not to be sold,
And this is forever true,
But your ignorance has taken the worth of your knowledge,
And given you an IOU.

Remember these words that you hear from me playa,
Cause I guarantee they wont be repeated,
Its brothers like you that are holding us back,
As we steadily are defeated.

For togetherness and moral support,
Is what we need to succeed,
But that wont happen until people like you,
Stop planting that hateful seed.


The Playa Hater by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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