Old School Game

by RIP

Can you remember back in the day?
I believe it was that brother Marvin Gaye,
Who dime'd the phrase,
How do you say?
“What’s going on?”,
Sex, Lies and Videotape,
Spiritual rape of the mental and physical,
Killing off each other for something so small and residual,
Like clothes, shoes and jewelry,
Unable to see through the periphery of the materialness,
Fighting the epidemic better known as stress,
Attracting negative thoughts by the magnetic force of those on soulful arrest,
Who weren’t blessed with the choices you embrace in the front pocket
Of your vest known as the essence of man,
So I must request…………..No I must demand,
Marination of my words as you take my hand,
While the concrete hardens beneath your feet so you’ll always stand,
Without going in circles like that smooth Gap Band,
You see the same was done for me,
And at times it became funny,
How a world around me so obscene,
Could be soothed by the Love and Happiness of old Al Green,
Now that brother was mean,
I’m talking cold,
Sit down and sing the story until the picture unfolds in your mind,
Now that’s the part of you I’m journeying to find,
For the world is becoming scorching hot,
And on the spot we must evolve from a skillet to a crock-pot,
In other words think slow instead of fast,
You might miss something you were meant to discover,
Sitting on your ass while I pass you in the heat of the night,
Forfeiting your rights by taking one choice over the other,
Just another sister or brother,
First name John…..Last name Doe……Middle name Statistic,
Another soul gone away from this realm too quick,
Becoming quite sick………More like a disease,
I offer you this antidote,
If you please………………Think about it,
Listen…. Respect ……. Learn from the past.
Your future may be on the line,
As you sip that wine and wait for the rolling of the dice to stop,
Don’t be surprised if you suddenly drop,
Another victim to the pain and strife,
Finding out the true meaning of the Hard Knock Life,
As your mind and feelings are some what  torn,
See I knew this was going on way before Jay-Z was born,
Oh Yeah It’s deep and this ain’t TLC so I’ll advise your ass not too creep
Around my divine stable but step up and put your cards on the table and show us all your plan,
To become the true meaning of man and woman……
Handle your business……..

Old School Game by RIP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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