Never Again

by RiP

Never felt tears grow in the depths of my eyes,
Never fell asleep to the rhythm of my own soulful cries,
Never felt the moisture of this hurt stroll down around my cheek,
Never fell down to the point where my own spirit could not speak,
Never saw this dark rain coming my way,
Never thought the price Id have to pay would be you,
Never felt my love would be seen as a sin and not seen as a virtue,
Never felt that cherishing you so hard would slowly push you away,
Never thought the only comfort Id feel is the touch of your lingerie,
Never felt Id yearn for a woman in life who did not give me birth,
Never felt your leaving me would affect my survival on this earth,
Never thought something so simple in life could force me to openly grieve
Never thought youd break your word when you said youd never leave,
Never felt what I did to change you for my heart was always true,
Never thought after all this pain that all women get compared to you,
Never thought about what I would do now if I saw you face to face,
Never realized in my heart is where you were and youve never left your place,
Never thought something so beautiful could make me feel my one last breath,
Never again will I be dwindled down to the point where theirs nothing left..
Never say Never?

Never Again by RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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