In Reference to the Compliment...."Nice"

(A Friendly Conversation Between Poets)

by RiP & Trina Williams-Emigh

Nice is for nuns
And catholic school girls
Siddy sisters with long dark curls
Nice is for nerds
And brainiacs
For brothers who don't take their rings back
My shit ain't nice
That shit was bad
You know how many folks wish they had
What I got
That they possessed these skills
Nice is for frills
And lace
I'm wearin' leather
And sportin' heels
I'm the one who tells you how it feels
Now come again
Re-think what ya said
My shit was tastier
than collard greens and cornbread
So get your mind right
Take the time, think twice
A far better compliment will suffice


Your shit was nice
Like men who open the door
And don't take off their rubber
While your lying on the floor
Your shit was nice
Like a schoolgirl from uptown
Who holds my love in her mouth
Until the swelling goes down
Your shit was nice
Like Huey Newton's hand on the trigger
Or a white person who's down
And you let call you a nigger
Maybe not that nice
But it was on that scale
Like the outfit you wanted that just went on sale
Your shit was nice
Like not having to pay rent
Or a strong young brother paying you a compliment
But that's what you got
And you came back displeased
When you know things like this
from me don't come with ease
So if that's what you need
Too keep your status in hand
I masturbated to your words
And exhaled on black sand...

But your shit was still nice. responded
And went there on me
I do agree
That you payed me a compliment
Yet I deserved better
And I caught the sale, it was a cashmere sweater
I must admit, your shit was nice too
I guess I make ya flow
Even got you mentioning of pleasures down below
Of masturbation.....
I liked that black sand interpretation
And I have no status to keep
Or any particular need
Nor can I say I was displeased
Just caught off guard
Not what I expected
Actually felt a little neglected
That you chose nice
When your vocabulary is so vast
And by most, unsurpassed
So nice is unacceptable
If you ask me
But I'm sure you'll make a point to disagree

In Reference to the Compliment...."Nice" by RiP and Trina Williams-Emigh

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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