Thinking in My Cage

by Goldie

Locked up in this 9x9 concrete hell,
As the cold steel of the bars keep me forever confined,
Left with only my memories to keep me warm at night,
As I fight the animal instincts that try to overcome my mind,
And drown my hope in this dungeon of disturbed souls,
As I have been thrown away for the prime of my life,
Unforgiven in the negative acts I commited,
And the amount of freedom I had is no more,
As twelve beings from different parts of this babylon,
Come together to cast votes on the rest of my existance,
As I waited quietly in the courtroom,
Staring into the eyes of my seed,
Not realizing the next time I look at him this way,
It would be eye to eye as a man,
And he will resent me terriblly,
For disappearing during his uprising,
As I took the wrong turn,
So I could give him the right life,
And the suffering I encounter in this hell,
Will never compare to what I did to him,
And it becomes vaguely clear in my mind,
That my dreams were not worth the risk,
As the stakes were too high,
For the bet that I laid,
And I'll be forever in debt to the people who cared,
For I feel my last breaths are coming soon,
And I am beginning to suffocate,
To the pressures in this land of outkasts,
Being mentally and physically restrained,
Digesting my daily surroundings,
Witnessing thousands of brothers like myself,
Hard core soldiers of life ready to battle to the end,
Dreaming to achieve eternal happiness in this world,
But they have been cast into the black hole of confinement,
And the door is locked for eternity,
For the key has become extinct in a world of right and wrong,
As they disappear into the realm of disheartened souls,
Gambling their lives into the hands of the enemy,
Victims of the greatest hustle of life as we know it,

Thinking in My Cage by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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