Last Night

by Tinesha Davis and Goldie

The alarm went off loud,
I grabbed my head,
Someone pulled a DRU HILL,
Sleeping in my bed,
Made sure I'm alright,
Still trying to rise,
And pulled back the covers
To a shocking surprise,
What happened last night??,
Was it CROWN and coke??,
Or that VODKA and lime juice
That ain't no joke,
Can't think too long,
'cause my head is just thumping,
so whatever I drank,
it had to be jumping,
checked all her pockets,
she had no loot,
so how'd she get ,
In her birthday suit?
For me these actions,
Just don't fit,
I must have been talking 
Some cash money shit!!,
Looks good,
Damn good!!
Don't she know that I'm peeping,
Trying to figure out the thoughts
In her head while she's sleeping,
She's a beautiful lady,
And that's no doubt,
But what happened last night,
Is what I want to find out
Got to wake her up,
Do it calm and smooth,
She might wake up,
And still be in the groove,
Brushed back a layer,
And gave her a kiss,
Ohio Players told me 
Heaven must be like this!!,
She woke up wild,
I gave her some space,
Can't afford
To catch no case,
My name is Goldie,
And I'm scared of you too,
So bringing that drama,
You ain't got to do,
I don't want no trouble,
Can't fuss or fight,
I just want to know 
What happened last night........

The alarm went off loud,
Disturbing my sleep,
Thought to myself
Since when I have satin sheets?
Then the memory creeped, 
Of the dude I did meet,
Outside of the club,
Up on Main Street,
Or was it the one,
By Mercury Zone - 
Damn gotta leave,
The ALIZE alone,
But I must admit,
The brother had rap,
Still can't believe,
I went out like that
And now he is up
And moving about,
Gonna act like I'm sleeping 
'til I figure this thing out,
My bladder is calling,
Gonna hold it in,
Now he's leaning to kiss me 
And I can smell the gin,
On his breath 
"T, how'd you get in this mess?"
trying to be fast,
shaking my ass,
smiling and grinning,
at every dude who passed,
and I know I left with him,
'bout a quarter to four,
still ain't never had 
a one night stand before,
can feel him staring -
trying to get in my brain,
should I look up and smile at....
What's his name?!?
Maybe I can play it with tact
And still save face,
But what I need now is church 
And some amazing grace,
What a disgrace
Now I'm with this strange man
In this strange place,
Made up my mind to get up 
And act real wild 
Pretend like I'm crazy,
The devil's love child,
Just in case he's 
Some common thug,
Just what I get,
Picking up folks at the club,
He tells me to chill 
Trying to look pensive and deep,
He asks, "what happened last night?"
Yeah right, Player you fell asleep! 

Last Night by Tinesha Davis and Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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