I'm In Love

by RiP

It sounds simple doesn't it?
Simple like a cool breeze in the evening
Or a bright beam of sunshine 
Breathing life in our world each day
But it's much deeper than that

 I'm in love with something so beautiful
That it defies meaning or descriptions
It's like a depiction of happiness
Brought to life to perform a duet with me
It is the feeling of free
The manifestation from liking someone
To loving someone
To not be able to live without someone
And never questioning its intention
Because in your heart you already realize 
It's love
And that's all you care about

It's a love that brings me pain at times
Famine must feel the way I do
When this love is not in my periphery
It feeds me
Gives me compassion in kisses
Maturity in hugs
Strength in tough love
And actions cast down from above
I'm much too shy to say or explain
But if you see what is portrayed in my eyes
The craze from which I speak
You'll find something unique
A new wave of caring
Almost daring in a sense
But that is a mere consequence
Of being exposed 
To the essence of love

It's something that opens emotions
And dispels the notion
That happiness can be bought
A love like this must be fought for
Working with that special someone so hard
It hurts and hurts and hurts
But gives birth to something bigger than you
And without a sign or clue
You'll become lost in your spirit
Two will become one
As the cool breeze and morning sun
Come together to form a warmness
You can only experience through…

For when I say I am in love
I take on a new frame of mind
Ascending to a place 
Where I leave all my inhibitions
In a position of hindrance
All my faults and fears
Disturbed thoughts of yesteryear
Fall to the waist side
As I ride this joyous healing
Into an existence beyond reproach
In a matter of speaking I could just say
Being in love is "dope"
But that wouldn't do it justice
Because as long as its just us
Just her and me
It's the only way I see love
The only way I see what's true
And to the one who holds the key to my heart

It's the only way I'll ever see you…

I'm in love.

I'm In Love by RiP

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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