by RIP

As the morning begins,
I slowly unveil her essence,
Removing the barriers that cover her beautiful skin,

Then I begin to massage her slowly..

As her body which became cold from the arctic of the night,
Warms to the touch of my fingertips all over her spirit,
While she shows fear in her eyes as I bathe her thoroughly,
Washing away the aftermath of all the others she has encountered,

Then I begin her journey to becoming a woman..

As she dries I slowly spread her legs apart,
My hand enters her inner realm smoothly,
Removing the reminiscent thoughts for another that were left behind,
Forcing her to prepare for the future I have in store,

Then I move on..

I look over her inner passions,
Ensuring no other being will interfere with my fantasy,
Shivering as I insert my ďNatural EssenceĒ into her forcefully,
In and out I flow to her rhythm giving her more and more,
For I can feel her insides quivering beneath my hands,
As she reaches her peak and is unable to go any further,
Leaving her inner juices to flow all over me,
And as she falls into and erotic sleep,
I place her within the belongings I use to fill me up internally,
Watching her bask in the fire of my erotic fixations,
As a golden brown aura comes over her vividly,
Leaving a heavenly aroma beneath me that moistens my yearning
for her even more than before,
And as she slowly awakens from her sensual coma,
I export a part of her that was left behind in her wake,
Inserting it into me and watching it disappear within the blink of an eye,
As I lay back in amazement and watch her in awe,
Energy dwindled down to nothing,
Forcing me to wait until another time to pursue her again,
I didnít know cooking a turkey was so hard.
Translation below..

I woke up early so I could cook the turkey. I took off the wrapping slow because it was frozen but I finally got it all off. It was cold being in the fridge that I had to beat it a little to get it to separate. I washed it off in the sink washing away all the residue it had on it. I spread its legs apart and pulled out the insides that were frozen inside the turkey. Checking to make sure I had it all out and it was defrosted well, I started to stuff dressing inside of it. Stuffed so much I could feel it coming out inside the turkey. Then it cracked and all the juice and shit spilled all over my clothes. Once I was done I dropped it in my biggest pan and dropped it in the oven. As I watched it cook all day the golden brown skin started to come over it. And it was smelling good than a muthafucker!! Once it was done I pulled it out the oven and took it out of the pan. Then I saw a piece of meat fell off in the pan so I thought Iíd have a taste. It was so good I ate it and didnít even taste it. Blinked my eyes and it was gone. I looked and it was sitting up there but I was so damn tired I couldnít even eat any. Damn! I didnít know this shit would be this hard. (Smile)

Illusion by RIP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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