Happy Feelings

by RiP

The other day I realized time has had an effect
Our world is becoming so suspect
That I am tired of living politically correct
Now African American can never be dismissed
But being black is what I like and always miss
I like seeing finger waves
Playing spades
Eating cinnamon rolls
What the hell is a strudel?
Fettuccini Alfredo?
Give me some Top Ramen noodles
I like using ammonia
Couldn’t afford Mr. Clean
And you can keep your scented lotions
I’ll just use some Vaseline
I like sitting on the porch after work
Having a few laughs
Grabbing for some dish washing liquid
when you need some bubble bath
I like grilled government cheese
Robbing neighbor’s plum trees
An ass whipping for telling lies
Friday night fish fry’s
Old Crisco cans on the stove
Memories in the backyard of the hooptie you drove
Watching The Whiz
Old folks talking shit while playing Bid Whiz
When neighborhood watch meant watching you
When your mama’s out of sight
When the street had the green light for whipping your ass
Lawry’s seasoning salt
When what your sibling did was still your fault
Real barbecues
Spoonful of castor oil with one clue of being sick
Fixing bike chains
Hating when it rained
Home made biscuits
Sitting still in the house
Being told to stay your ass inside or out
Playing with the wind chimes
Sanford and Son and Good Times
Screen doors with no screen
Homegrown garden collard greens
Jumping up and down on the bed (if you had one)
Buttermilk cornbread
Homey DA clown
Sweet potatoes from the curb market in a brown sack
Alaga syrup over a pancake stack
The electric slide
Riding all day long
Turning the radio up sky high when you heard your song
Watermelon seeds
When anybody who said they were hungry you would feed
Afro’s so big you had to pat em’
Penny loafers and Stacy Adams
When you got popped on the ass for asking why
New outfits on Easter and the Fourth of July
Raking leaves
Black eyed peas
Lima beans
Bell bottomed jeans
No gangs
Talking slang
Never allowed missing school
Running not to break mama’s streetlight rule
No pigeons or scrubs
Slow dancing at the club
Right on, I’m hip and today it’s ya heard
Colt 45 and Thunderbird
When the car to have started with and L
Not Lexus but Lincoln
Pulling back the covers and wondering
“What were you thinking?”
Now you must realize
I ain’t no fool
Being African American is far more than just cool
But when the Godfather said “Say it Loud”
I didn’t realize it take 20 years
to say “I’m Black and I’m proud!”
Now some may feel this thinking brings down
our high flying ancestral might
But I have be honest when I tell you all that
Being black is what I like.

Happy Feelings by RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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