Hard Times

by Goldie

I hear black people say,
That they totally cannot stand,
To hear that man on the corner screaming,
"Hey let me hold sumn bro"
"Can you spare a lil change?",
"I ain't eaten in a week",
"And I'm feeling kinda strange",
I remember that man,
Cause it could have been me,
Or anybody around,
Could fall to that degree,
Looking at yourself now,
It might be hard to see,
But many strangers ass,
He would steadily kiss,
Forever dismissed,
Clothes smelling like piss,
Makes you wonder how he was given,
This ungrateful wish,
But I am one of the guilty men,
Who looked him in the eye,
"Get the hell out of my face",
"Or I ain't got nothing",
Was usually my reply,
I never looked behind the man,
To see his broke down ride,
Filled with his family freezing and cold,
And everything they owned inside,
I didn't look inside all of his things,
Or go through the stinking debree,
To find his wife's college diploma,
Right next to his master's degree,
I didn't sit down with his children,
And look deep into their face,
Realizing that I might be looking,
At the future of my race,
So I tried to go back and find that man,
To respark our debate,
But life moved him to another place,
And by that time I was too late,
It's strange how much in society,
A stereotype can create,
Living proof that this exists,
Is that my age was only eight,
What you see,
Is not always the reality,
It can be Drugs,
Many powerful things,
The suffering it brings,
Will never cease to sting,
So black people stay tight,
And you'll never lose sight, 
Of what's wrong or what's right,
Or walk through life sublime,
Because as soon as you make it,
Guess who'll be waiting?,
That man they call....

Remember you struggled to get where you are
but somebody helped you along the way.
People need help just like you did and
that debt you need to repay. So don't fall
into that suspect image that the TV's
all portray. Peace.......

Hard Times by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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