Who Got Game?

by Shylah Hamilton and RiP


Its ok my friend
I know you're shook
To busy trying to find the phrase 
To compete with my fly ass hook
Putting a play on words
Insinuating many thangs
Knowing all along, Iím not the least bit tame
But I don't know chief
If you're ready for my swang
Because via email is just that
In person, itís another thang
But you've started this game, 
And inadvertently brought me to finish it
Thinking this would be an easy match
I can see your fingers twitching
As you read this, can't wait to fire back
Baby, you woke up today and said, 
"Imma play like Iím a mac"
Then you popped your collar and that was that
Brought me to the table
Now you scared cuz you wack
Do you really know what a woman desires?
What makes a woman happy?
Can you light that fire?
I suppose it remains to be seen
Go ahead, listen to Teena Marie
Or anything else you think, 
Might give you knowledge
Because your words can only seduce the feeblest mind
They should have taught you that shit in college...


Touchť' Touchť'
The day I was awaiting has passed
And though I enjoy the day of the ground hog
On my sensual log your name was last
Now don't take this personal slim
Some people save the best for last
A place for only God given chocolate trim
But too love a man like me is pure cause and effect
Just ask the last woman I think she was Aztec
One last kiss and she disappeared
You can't feel comfortable now
knowing it's true what you feared
You see e-mail is one thing and eye to eye is another
I guess that explains the trance
you hold over Rocky Mountain brothers
And maybe compared to them I come off as rude
Since I have no fear of your altitude
There will be no compromise nor begging or pleading
By the way if the air is so thin there?
Then you should really breathe while your reading...
For I can seduce any feminine mind
within the blink of an eye
And be gone faster than a trench coat sale
in the halls of Columbine High
And I'll admit you keep my blood lukewarm
like you came from above
But you can keep these phrases of forgive or forget
that Iíve heard from Mother Love
So either come with the real or just cease to compete
And then maybe you'll notice the atmosphere
that's flowing beneath your feet
My words do that at times...
But now that I have things in order
Youíre welcome to try again
Just deposit another quarter
Game over.

Who Got Game? by Shylah Hamilton and RiP

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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