Getting Late

by RiP

It's getting late for me
And I canít see my hands in front of my face
Nor can I taste the aroma
Of wanting to live another lifetime
Giving more of me than I already have
Or could ever dream of giving
It feels like my heart is a living breathing life form
Being ignored by the masses
When itís screaming out loud
Walking around me like Iím a stranger to this way of life
As if no one ever heard a sound

Because I can see the dark clouds in the sky
Following my every move
Like the ocean waves can sense my presence
And groove in the opposite direction
Like I feel the need for protection
When the lightning strikes in the distance
And the thunder rolls in my psyche
Like my life is in complete shambles
And I canít go outside to escape my loss of control
Like I canít stand the irony of the rain
Because Iíve been blessed with a dissolvable soul

So I hold onto the bad memories
Pent up emotions of heartbreak
Like Iím never allowed to say goodbye
Because tears bring pain to my beckoning spirit
So I can never bring myself to cry
In some melancholic escape to what is my madness
Finding myself immersed in a black hole of mourning
Surrounded by a deep, sonorous rhythm of sadness

So I say goodbye to any and everyone in the morning after
Before it ever has time to get that deep
But now itís getting late
And the insomnia in my heart
Wonít allow me to sleep

I feel like the moon
The stars
The rain and the wind of night
Is standing on my front door
Imploring me to stop being so solemn 
To pull myself up off of the floor
Or theyíll haunt me like no one ever before
Like Iím a child of nature
And my mother is trying to tell me
That she doesnít even love me anymore

For Iíve endured too much
To deal with what I know has happened
To worry about what I know I can never have
Resolving myself to the reality
That at the slow pace love travels
I unraveled and lost my way
That when Iím asked
To defend the actions of others who have caused my pain
I have no idea what Iím supposed too say
Lost in the fantasy that I might have an answer
To my persistence to love and not succeed
Wondering why I keep yearning
Is it need or just greed?
Why do I continue to plant seeds that donít grow?
No matter how much I suffer
Or how much I beg
Or how much I struggle
Or how much I fight or plead

For as much as there is a need for someone to be loved
There is also a need for someone to be shattered
Balanced must always be achieved
And it doesnít matter how good of a man you are
Falling stars all hit the ground at the same speed
And as I look into the distance
I can see the beginning of the day
Staring at me in a remorseful demeanor
Because itís getting late
And fate awaits me in the morning
Alive in the path of the unloved
Not knowing where I went wrong
Left with my own disregard
And the words to a song only I can sing
When I am freed from this prison from above

So I no longer love
I just exist
Living my life against my will
For itís getting late
And I wish just once when I awake
 Time would stand still

So I could just be happy.

Getting Late by RiP

© Copyright 2004. The RiP/Mental Disaster Experience. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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