For You

by Goldie

For you.....
My heart beats,
My blood boils,
Your love heats,
My life spoils,
I don't sleep,
I can't eat,
In this game,
I can't compete,
As my appetite,
For love was taken,
Overcome by circumstances,
Of which you are forsaken,
In the mind,
In the soul,
Lies a man in true love,
Who has lost control,
Unable to laugh,
I can't rejoice,
Trapped in the memory of your voice,
Attached by passion,
You left our show,
Tears slowly start to flow,
You still yearn to tell me No,
Treated you like a queen,
Never a trick or a hoe,
Held on so tight,
I can't let go,
Searching like a fiend,
You have to give me more,
But It's all about the green,
You're the pimp,
I'm the whore,
Send me to rehab,
Give me sensual attention,
Taken half of my world,
I have no comprehension,
Unable to remember,
Which way is left or right,
I've lost my taste for happiness,
The end is now in sight,
For my love was everlasting,
Yet your faith was so untrue,
You've lost nothing for me girl,
But I've lost everything.........
Everything I have,
Everything I love,
Everything I cherish....
For You.......

For You by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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