Family Tree

by Goldie

To be honest,
I never wanted part of this lesson,
But to you cowards in this world,
I just have one question,
To all of you scrubs that are doing bids,
Why in the hell did you abuse your kids?
Are they the ones who took your job,
Who gave you sorrow and made you sob,
Are they the ones who kept you down,
So you couldn't get your feet up off the ground,
Are they the one's who give you stress,
And put your patience to the test,
Are they the one's who ruined your life,
Who brought you all the pain and strife,
So why to them do you raise you hand,
And make them feel you cannot stand,
To have them around,
Or love them at all,
They feel on you they cannot call,
And the bruise on their arm that you said was a fall,
When you slammed them firmly against the wall,
And the third degree burn you placed on their leg,
While "Don't hit me again" they continued to beg,
And your apologies to them will never compare,
To the childhood they had that was a nightmare,
Why did you bring them to this earth?
Why did you contribute to their birth?
Was having them around you such a drag,
That they became your personal punching bag,
This is the worst message that you could send,
And you will pay for it dearly in the end,
As your kids have kids and they begin to grow,
The same so called love they'll begin to show,
And you'll vision what they saw within your eyes,
The hate in your heart with rage and despise,
That you showed to them and they show to theirs,
As it seems as if nobody cares,
And now your whole family is in a jam like smuckers,
Cause you started a generation full of coward muthafuckers,
And because of you their lives will never unfold,
From the so called "TOUGH LOVE" that you showed,
A chip off the old block,
How sad can it get,
Just like mommy and daddy,
Ain't worth shit.....


Family Tree by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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