by Goldie

Based on a true story.....

I hurt,
Everytime I think about it........ I hurt,
I don't understand how you can accept this,
I just don't think that is possible for me,
Maybe I m just being selfish,
But I feel I need to be to cure the ails in my heart,
Because you talk about it so nonchalantly,
As if it doesn't bother you,
But it bothers me so much,
It's become all I think about,
I feel the bond we built together,
Has been blown away,
And I am left looking at a person,
That I don't know anymore,
And the person I fell in love with,
Died the night that terrible event occured,
And the amount of trust I have in you,
Is no more,
And I need to be able to trust you,
To say we are together as one,
And if I don't feel like I can trust you,
I don't like what might happen,
But I still love you so much,
And I am stuck in a predicament,
That I don't think I can stand up to,
So I need to contemplate this,
But the more I think about it,
To find the answer I need to have,
To know what's happened to us,
I am right back where I started,
I hurt.............

Then my hurt takes a wrong turn,
As my pain is transformed into anger,
Fire in my eyes,
In my heart,
In my soul,
Angry at the people who did this to you,
Angry at myself for not being there to stop it,
Even angry at you for putting yourself in that position,
As terrible as that sounds,
This is how my rage makes me feel,
And somebody will have to pay,
Whether it be an inisant bystander,
The people who are responsible,
Or even yourself,
With the price being my love for you,
As this has brought to the surface,
A part of me I didn't know existed,
And now that I can control it,
I have become an immensely evil person,
And my actions from this day forward,
Will scare you and everyone else around me,
But this is what I must do,
To bring composure to my essence,
And start out fresh from the beginning,
Without all the rage and pain within me,
And able to have my mind at peace once again.,

Sometimes the first reaction
is not always the best reaction...
i learned the hard way fellas, think about it!

Emotions by Goldie

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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