Down South

by Goldie

For me there is no other place,
That I need to rest and revive,
To give my spirit nourishment,
And keep my soul alive,

Where the women have hearts as good as gold,
And the men extend a hand,
And despite the scenes that may unfold,
Together we always stand,
Down South....................yeah that's right!!

Where the food is the best you'll ever taste,
Regardless of your race,
And you struggle just to find a place,
Where you can stuff your face,

Where the sistas live up to their hype,
With a beauty they cannot hide,
And come in each and every type,
That a man just can't decide,
Down South......................yeah that's right!!

Where we first stood up for our rights,
Against the ignorance of others,
And made up our minds to stand and fight,
As strong black sistas and brothas,

Where many people gave up their lives,
And paid the price for me,
So the wall that would not let them strive,
My eyes would never see,

So if you ever want to flee,
And explore a whole new scene,
Try the historic streets of Montgomery,
To the clubs of New Orleans,

And you'll understand why I really care,
For my feelings cannot be torn,
Cause there is no place that can compare,
To the kingdom where I was born,

So excuse me if I offended you,
Or put your will to the test,
But this is the place where I began,
And where I'll lay to rest,
Down South......................yeah that's right!!!

Down South by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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