Come Inside

by Goldie

So beautiful,
My sister,
I want to know,
Can you feel it,
My soul disdained,
Trapped in the thought,
Of my ancestors pain,
I ask you again,
Do you feel it?,
It hurts so bad,
I can no longer conceal it,
Lying in my heart,
Entrapped in my eyes,
Pushing down my spirit,
Disallowing my rise,
I know you comprehend,
But do you understand,
The unmerciful task,
Of being the black man,
For while your touch is so soft,
And your love forever sweet,
I am the puzzle of life,
Can you possibly compete?,
The enigma of man,
Do you understand?,
Why my brain is caught?,
As my thoughts,
So many consume,
Bringing chills to the hand,
Of souls from every land,
Just by one step in the room,
If i became extinct,
Can you determine my creed?,
To prepare the manhood,
Of our beautiful seed,
The everyday changes,
Some tough,
Some nice,
My emotions unpredictable as rolling dice,
Forever an illusion,
Standing strong and tall,
Do you know what it takes?,
To get inside my wall,
Killing off each other,
Do you know what was said?,
To make my brother feel,
He is the walking dead,
My birth was blessed,
With someone real not fake,
But the question is,
Do you know what it takes?,
For our love is undying,
But i can't keep denying,
The sorrowful fact,
That my spirit is crying,
A slave to your heart,
I don't want to be free,
But you need to understand,
What it is to be me.

Come Inside by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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