Can I Be Down?

by Goldie

My sisters,
Can we talk for a few,
About the things you're putting some good brothers through,
Because I admit I am confused,
Why you rush to the forefront of being abused,
So I'm coming out now to hear you explain,
The fascination of lust with heartache and pain,
Why the good brothers you walk by and give them a shrug,
And foam at the mouth at the sight of a thug,
Is it the uncertainty?
The pain and the lies,
Things you'd think a good sister would greatly despise,
Or is it the hurt in their eyes,
The coldness of their heart,
That make you feel you can be a new start,
And I ain't no playa hater,
For I've been in those shoes,
Which makes my thoughts even more confused,
Because I've felt the train of thought,
I know the state of mind,
The intent to disrespect and steadily be unkind,
And the thing that trips me out,
Is you know what we have in store,
Yet you shed your tears,
Jump right back up and still come back for more,
And now that I'm on the other side,
I seem to have lost my appeal,
That my sisters once found so alluring, 
When my world was a jungle so real,
So now that I've come up in this world,
Portraying myself in new light,
Those women so amazing,
Who kept my pager just blazing,
Have stepped and are no where in sight,
So my sisters I know this ain't no trend,
Or some strange phenomenon,
Because it happened to brothers before my time,
And after and on and on......,
So why do you run away from substance?
Things that most people hold so near,
You seem to openly  reject,
Now I'm not going over to the "other side",
Cause my river don't run that deep,("FOR REAL!!!")
But some brothers need love no matter the place,
To make they're life complete,
So when you see that brother with the nice job and car,
Getting into his ride on the street,
And you shake your head from where you are,
At the empty passenger seat,
That man wants a significant other,
So they both can shine and stand tall,
But the women he wants is in love with a brother,
Who don't give a damn at all.

I realize that all sisters are not like this for I have been blessed to have a
Beautiful one in my life at this time. But this is for my brothers struggling to
Find a good woman,and for the sisters who just don't get it!! peace

Can I Be Down? by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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