Can I Be Down? (part 2)

by Goldie

My sisters,
I have returned,
To again talk about this bridge that's been burned,
As I portrayed us as fire,
And you as the match,
But my anger didn't allow me to mention the catch,
For my thoughts have been answered,
And some questions arrived,
When did our inner beauty begin to collide?,
What happened to slowly tear us apart?,
Destroying the love we have in our hearts,
As into my lap the answers fell,
Smooth as dry leaves in the season,
Realizing to no surprise my brothers,
That we are the number one reason,
The reason some sisters will not be discovered,
For their eyes have been covered by fog,
As they can't even speak up to mention a brother,
Without someone mentioning "DOGG",
So to judge you one and all as one,
I was surely out of place,
Now I've returned too show some love,
So I can save my face,
But for sisters whose lives are like part one,
Those words I'll take back never,
You need to realize how special you are,
And get your "SHIT TOGETHER!!!,
But for my black women who still have faith,
So strong and down till the end,
I hope to return to your good grace,
With these kind words that I send,
And the question I should have asked that's due,
My eyes have begun too see,
It's not can I be down with you, 
But can you be down with me,

Can I Be Down? (part 2) by Goldie

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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