My Blackness

by RiP

I digress into my blackness
When this world becomes too much to bear
It sinks deep into my skin
Pumps my adrenaline to new levels
Those devils cannot comprehend

It makes me shake inside
Pride overwhelms my essence
With a Nubian effervescence
I never knew existed
This feeling has me twisted
Not knowing how I should attack this
But understanding it all begins and ends
With my blackness…

Panthers must feel this way
Black ones that walk with two legs that is
Because my spirit is begging me
To emancipate or set free
The revolution within my soul
And take control of my life
Understand the actions I am seeing
Become a soulful spirit that is freeing…

Is Huey a part of my being?
Maybe Stokely is stroking my fears
Opening my suppressed pain of yesteryear
And forcing me too see the matrix
I keep looking away from so casually
So my heart can see life's current reality
For its true saddened condition 
Is this a premonition?

Or maybe Angela is picking the knowledge 
From the depths of her Afro
To tell me the things I do not know
Or the things I really need to know 
To survive
To be black and alive
To strive for divine melanin
Treasure my brown skin
And defend it to the end of time

In sublime whispers
Malcolm and Martin speak to my blackness 
They let me know
That being black is more than just
A 28-day show 
Every second month of the year
Its means to endear
To fear no more
To settle the score and take it further than that
To not just take solace in being black
When it fits your agenda
To stop being a pretender
And use you mind
To find a smidgen of bliss
 To not digress but progress
Into the state of your blackness…

At least that's what my blackness does for me.

My Blackness by RiP

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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