B.I.T.C.H.es and N.I.G.G.A.'s

by Crystal M. Goodrich and RiP

*Redefining the negative*

Bitch, please!
That harsh word can't define me
You really need to brush up on your insults
Do me a favor, expand your vocabulary.

You know what really fucks me up?
When a woman insists on Backbiting
Mirroring her Insecurities
Making Trouble, always fighting

Just a miserable ass somebody
A Coward in disguise
Trying to hide her Hypocrisy
Behind her deceitful lies

Bitch, please!
You've got to come better than the rest
That shit you kick is weak
Barely worthy of being addressed

See, I refuse to be a slave
To your five letter word
"Bitch, please!" is what you said
Now let me tell you what I heard

My sister, you are a queen
And your Beauty is Illustrious
And you want me to tell you,
How I got to be so Tenacious

There's something in my smile
That you've found to be Captivating
You hate me because I'm Happy
While you're impatient and waiting

With jealousy in your heart
You called me a "bitch"
And with my Bold Intellect
I audaciously flipped the script

That took Talent and Creativity
But I'm Humble in all I do
Now take some time to ask yourself,
What kind of "BITCH" are you?


What is the meaning of this?
Websters calls it "lazy and shiftless"
Individual that is...
Very out of place
And someone has the nerve to use it to label
The strong-minded people of my race?

Nigga Please!

And you want to know the sad part
It began through the minds of others
But has ended with ourselves
Brothers constantly causing Negative
Stereotypes of Ignorant males
Shucking and jiving on the corner telling tales

Gambling their lives away slowly
Walking the yellow brick road from The Wiz
Seeing life as the Game it really is
Yet playing it with tricks up their sleeve to hustle a revival
To get by instead of Achieving the answers of survival

Nigga please!

But today it is seen as a cross between a virtue and a sin
As many see the word used with a positive spin
Placed by ourselves to show the heights we were destined to rise
To avoid a word trapping us for the rest of our lives

Our ancestors stayed true
The clues are right there for what we must do
No more living with a chocolate four leaf clover
The days of having our cake and eating it are over

Nothing could convince the many that died
To protect our future to Integrate
This word into their vocabulary of pride
When just the sound of it brings memories of hate

I've been searching for the Genius
Who took solace in connecting my race
Along for this ride
With a word related to Genocide
Flying into the millenium
With the grace of heavenly doves
Desecrated with an Alias no one can be proud of

A verbal cancer Never receiving an answer
From me unless it is Initiating change of control
Gravitating its meaning to the Graveyard
Of inconsiderate Assholes

For my Natural essence has a strength
Impenetrable to poison from those who fear
My Growing spirit so crystal clear that makes
Me immune to the Germs placed in
My soul food to Attack me from within

But if you fit the mold of a
Nubian Intellectual
Gestating and debating
Inside the spiritual Garden
Of the Almighty
Then I can only say one thing
What's up Nigga?

B.I.T.C.H.es and N.I.G.G.A.'s by Crystal M. Goodrich and RiP

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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