Bedroom Talk

by Shylah Hamilton-Speights and RIP Parks


You know, I've thought you was fly,
Ever since you caught my eye,
That day, not too long ago.
And well, we've been through
All those how do you do's
And now I think it's time, don't you?
I've seen how you stare at my ass when I pass
And baby believe me, your thighs have not missed my glance.
Now, I'm not a freak, don't get me wrong,
And I've always liked my men long and strong.
But lately, my tongue has tasted another flavor
So I hope you won't think it's in my nature
But tonight would it be wrong if you asked your girl to wear her thong,
Then bring her by-tonight?
See, it's fun, with just us two
But I want to get a taste of her too....


Hmmm.. , I'll admit it sounds appealing,
But if you want my advice you should return and think twice,
About just how far a Menage a'trois can lead,
For I don't mean to plant this hateful seed,
And your Garden of Eden I've been waiting to feed,
But the intoxication of us is bringing forth a lust
She won't be able to impede, until I give you something
Something your man can't replace,
Cause I have a flava lying on the tip of my tongue 
That I'm really yearning to taste,
Like me lying underneath in just the right place,
With your love streaming down over the side of my face,
Explain the meaning?, In my dreams it feels like heaven,
Think you're ready to come inside and get down with a 67?
But all you know is 69?, I don't waste time with such jive,
It seems your man has deprived the right for you to feel alive,
But don't fret, I'll put your boundaries to the ultimate test,
Caressing your navel the same way as your breast,
Giving all my strength to make your body complete,
As we explode into a sensual Dante's Peak,
Experimenting is cool but I know your no fool,
Cause you claim to like them long and strong,
But I come too strong and work it out too long for another to belong
In this equation, but there is one question you need to start raising,
Can you handle an intense sexual situation?, 
For I'm not only a client...But I run this occupation, 
Nevertheless I won't tell her to hide,
She'll be waiting on the side, watching us close on film,
For this request is looking extremely grim,
And your chances of getting past me to her..
Sweetheart are very slim,
But if your craving can get you by me, I'll let you have a taste,
I think Ms. Jackson said it best.. Anytime, Anyplace


Ok, so I see, I must express,
To get all of this off of my chest,
See you're sexy and luscious and yes,
It would be fine for us to sip wine all night while playing games of sex,
Please no drama, while the stereo plays Maze and then, of course, you 
would call me Mama,
But I have this vision ya see, of spreading her legs, so I can see all the 
glory that she shall put before me.
Licking and sucking while she does me
But the best is yet to cum, ya followin' me?
Becuz then you enter the room,
And I know I saw you swoon,
Two of the most beautiful women, here, just for you?
You must've died and gone to heaven cuz
Off came your pants and you went for broke, letting her
Lick under that dick while you stroke 
Me from inside out, and that, baby is what its all about.
You couldn't stand the tongue to pussy action,
(I know it was too much)
And you don't want to cause no negative reaction,
So you pull it out much to my dismay
So she can suck you harder while we play.
Shall I describe more for you today?
Or can you just come out and play


Okay I'm game, Now you have me rising,
Your thoughts left me lame and I must admit were truly very surprising,
see I played you short and the way you export your thoughts
of us together left me steaming, gave a nigga a taste of the product, and 
now you got me feenin,
for you and her to go "head" to "head" and stir up the competition,
of who licks all over me the best, with an infinite repetition,
as you both eagerly wait for me to lay my claim,
filled with anticipation as I begin my reign,
then you whisper in my ear ,that from the rear you yearn to feel my sac,
so that is the place I began my attack, grinding you out slowly
with a style that seems uncanny, as you call me daddy loudly,
like your the black little orphan Annie, see my name ain't warbucks, but 
the way I F-U-C-K , a brother should be paid to come out and play,
no gigolo but I do feel it's time to end this show, 
so you will never forget, the one stroke I gave that made you cuummmm 
correct, as the sheets hid your intoxicating pleasure,
And she licked me from the side, waiting her chance for this invulnerable 
treasure, for she's been here before,
and I need not ask what she wants me to send her,
telling me the same thing I tell my bartender,
For she likes her sex like I like my drinks, 
and it wont displace her, screaming give it to me raw baby,
straight no chaser!, as I move smoothly in and out of her,
up..down..right..left....I slowly inject, while her moans uses all syllables of 
the alphabet, getting so wet, until she gets to G,
and I hit the spot, turning my back into a Revlon attack,
as her nails sink deeply into my spine, forcing the blood to unwind as you 
awaken and purge me from her grasp,
and take on the undeniable task of making me hit my peak,
As your lips wrap around my love, 
while Freddie Jackson vibes to the beat, nice and slow nice and slow,
removing my shackles, now I'm free to let go,  
bringing a curl to my toes and nobody knows but us when it all flows out,  
and that my queen is what it's all about,
as we recover to the Isley's, let's lay together, 
the three of us in an erotic coma, With memories to last forever,
I'd have to say it was a good day..., Damn.

Bedroom Talk by Shylah Hamilton-Speights and RIP Parks

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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