A Writer's/Lover's Plea

by RiP

Look in my eyes
It's obvious
My readers don't have too say it
Neither do I
Because they already know

Here I am again
In love with someone
Who loves me
But can't be here with me
Trifling ain't it?

Time after time
My pen writes line after line
About that special someone
I yearn to see
But I always end up laying and praying
Playing the Ohio Players "I Wanna Be Free"
Cause right now love is beating the hell out of me
And I didn't even do anything

A poet who writes lines
Really should know better
Especially a brother
For they say a man won't write his best
Until he suffers
But this pen can't keep me warm at night
And being cold in July is not a good sign at all

Sometimes I feel like heartache beckons me
Like I owe it some money
Just to have someone with a sweet ass
Who is sweet as honey in my life?
Now I know why Lenny Williams went crazy…

Since when do you have to walk through hell
to get to heaven and live?
I know I'm sounding sappy
And melanin men with hair that's nappy
Can't be talking this way
If they want to play at life's peak
And I am trying to be discreet
But they can see it in my eyes
You know any brother's that cry at sunrise?
I didn't think so…

And in case I didn't mention it
Just so you know…

I'm in love

I don't know with what or with whom
And if you put all my lost loves in the same room
I'd play that tune called love inside their ears all night
Because I'm tired of fighting
I have a passion for writing like nothing else
And I'll never lose the desire to write words
That heals souls in need of help
But it's time for me to have someone write something
To help me cure myself

Wrap me up in syllables
Use the residual pieces of that pad
To make me see love's truth
Remind me of my youth and the time I have to give
Tell me to live

Become my writer
Become me…(Well you ain't got to go that far)

Just be who you are
And lead the way
Let your tales spell out my name

So I can know my efforts are not in vain…


A Writer's/Lover's Plea by RiP

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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