Tyehimba (Nigerian for "We stand as a people")

by Marilyn Ferrell

Remembering the forgotten,
veils of oppression, 
is the oppressor my brother, 
my sister or the other?
Assimilation, maybe for the
greater good of the community,
reflecting on the beauty –
the beauty of one's heritage,
black pride, one's honor, a testament.
Affirming the positive,
a positive affirmation,
from the sista' with chocolate skin,
hair, a crown of natural royal an'
a pout from her bee–stung lips,
as honey drips, 
from her swiveling hips,
her essence is attitude,
sagacity crossing the latitude,
her brotha', a man among men,
a black mandingo, one that's chosen,
staunch and noble in character,
an exemplar, a midnight star,
nestled in a hope divine, 
ties that bind,
a rebirth of mind, 
we stand in perfect unity,
for ourselves, the community,
and the black nation,
never hatin',
but in perfect love, we gain,
we rise, we move mountains.
The epitome of "Tyehimba",
raise the drums and cymbals,
conscientious  objectors of the 
white ideology, 
of black society, 
dividing wheat from tares,
each one love one, and dare
I say, bear one another's yoke,
we shall rise, as our forefathers arose,
they struggled and overcame,
seen plenty of black rain,
aboard the soul train,
for us, it should be no less,
indeed, we as a people are blessed. 

Tyehimba (Nigerian for "We stand as a people") by Marilyn Ferrell

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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