Precious Moment (A Sonnet)

by Marilyn Ferrell

Wherefore our hearts wearies and slowly qualms, 
Old hope goes into wisps of jaded joys,
Now lay us down to sleep, our only alms
Until the oaths of destined new life buoys.
Obliged in humility of weak might,
Scattered this wonderful chance of meaning,
Pray the Lord our souls to keep in respite 
Until the dawns of the Second Coming.
May salvation from frailties come apace, 
For all burden remitted we shall sigh,
Keep us safe throughout the night, by pure grace,
And peace, be still, our Savior draweth nigh.
Be diligent until He comes again,
In a moment, transforming us. Amen.


This poem was created using the random poetic phrases:
scattered this wonderful 
for all burden 
old hope goes

Precious Moment (A Sonnet) by Marilyn Ferrell

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