Larry's Sunrise

by Marilyn Ferrell

             To my beloved brother
                  1976 - 1995

A new day is dawning, 
the stillness that exudes
leaves me awaken
with soundness of mind.
(it's sacred).
Another day's journey, but to knoweth
you shine endlessly, 
an ardent feeling of warmth
falls on me.

In your essence lies a 
heart of jewels, sunrise.
A walk in your footprints,
a breath strong and free, black butterfly,
exceeding the horizons,
soaring above the crystal blue oceanshore,
deep as the many waters,
painting a beautiful image of paradise evermore.
Valiant…Opulent in wisdom…Just…
with Jah, 
one endured life's shadowy dusk,
(the toil of the burden bearer,
now understood. Sweet faith's reward).

A new day is dawning,
sounds of a soldier's impelling call,
"It is done, the victory's 
mine,"  quakens in the still.
A bloodstained badge speaking
of a blithe exodus, a mountains bold, 
as the world…
I shed tears of laughter
until the heavens sounded harmoniously,
teardrops of sorrow flooded the earth,
and poured onto the soles of my feet.
...I know you've found your blessed peace.

         Surely goodness and mercy 
         Shall follow me all the
         Days of my life and I will
         Dwell in the house of the
         Lord forever - Psalms 23:6

Larry's Sunrise by Marilyn Ferrell

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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