The Wedding Ceremony (Religious)

by Marilyn Ferrell

On a marvelous day one autumn,
my hopes and faith were renewed,
because it was on this day,
that I opened my heart to You.

You have committed Yourself
to me, even before I was 
formed in the womb.
It was nothing I done, but love
that compelled You to take 
on sinful flesh, born of a 
woman's womb.

You've always been faithful
to me, even when I was very
Even for me, with tender mercy, 
You plea, it's incomprehensible how
You love me so.

And from this day forward, 
I commit my life to You; in
holy unity to You.
On this day, my life's finally begins, 
rescued from a sullen past, 
I'll move forward with You.

The wedding ceremony's begun.
Before earth existed, You'd given Your
vows on Calvary.
No longer separated by the shore
of sinfulness, truly, this is
love agape.

As I draw nearer to You,
I am overwhelmed by hails 
of glory.
Your wedding band is scars from the nails,
(Your vow) "I do give you eternity, 
if you'll just follow Me".

As I answer in the affirmative,
my dirt-marred wedding dress suddenly 
becomes white as snow.
In awe, I fall to my knees,
my Husbandman, true amazing grace
I've come to know.

As we enter into the reception,
there's a huge feast and cups made
of pure gold.
A banquet of firstfruits, and engraved
in the guest book, my name, 
a wonder to behold.

The Wedding Ceremony (Religious) by Marilyn Ferrell

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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